Serves you and baby / Preparation: 2 minutes / Freeze: Yes

To make one wrap:

  • 2 tbsp milled linseed
  • 1 egg


Suitable for babies who are weaning and beyond

Linseed lunchtime wraps are a super quick perfect bread alternative rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and a good source of protein to keep you fuller for longer.

Linseed lunchtime wraps are a really quick and easy filling idea for lunch or a snack at any time of day.  These are a great bread alternative and are wheat free, grain fee and gluten free.

  • In a bowl crack an egg and mixed in the milled linseed
  • Heat a small amout of coconut oil in a frying pan
  • Add the mixture and spead to cover the base of the pan
  • After 1 minute, use a spatular to turn over the wrap and cook the underside for a minute
  • Serve on to a plate and add your favourite filling