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Personal Training

If your scheduling conflict is known in advance and we are notified at least 24 hours ahead of time, it MAY be possible to make the session up at a later date. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Any sessions missed with less than 2 hours notification are forfeited. If you have not already paid for the session, your account/card will be charged for the full amount of the session. If no card/account information is present, no further sessions will be conducted until the outstanding payment is received. Additionally, reserved time slots may be lost if payment is not made in a timely manner.


If you are unable to use your MummyFIT sessions due to a medical condition affecting you or your baby, please do let us know and we can look at extending your sessions for you with the provision of a doctor’s note or healthcare professional equivalent. In circumstances of long term illness or injury, we are able to offer a full/part refund which is at the discretion of MummyFIT and requires a doctor’s note or healthcare professional equivalent stating you were unable to exercise. 

Any medical conditions present when registering with MummyFIT MUST be disclosed during your pre screening and taster session booking call to ensure your safety throughout yourt time at MummyFIT.  Any undisclosed medical conditions which are then presented as the reason for a refund request will not be eligable for a refund.

Sessions that have expired are not eligable for any refunds. 

Transferring Sessions to another member

MummyFIT sessions are non transferrable.  If you are returning to work early and have any valid sessions left over, you can convert these in to a voucher for a MummyFIT At Home online program or monthly subscription by contacting us athome@mummyfituk.co.uk 

Extending the expiry date of sessions

If you need to extend your sessions for any other reason than medical without the support of a doctors note, you can do this by contacting us at info@mummyfituk.co.uk and requestig an extension which is subject to a £9.50 per month fee with the minimum extension time being 1 month.  

Extended sessions can not be transferred to other MummyFIT Members and are for personal use only.

Extended sessions are not eligable for a refund once extended. (Max extension per block is 6 months) 


Safety is a top priority for both Mums and Babies in our MummyFIT sessions. Therefore, if your little one is mobile and your MummyFIT trainer has any concerns about their safety and the safety of other babies, they reserve the right to request that you secure your little one in their pushchair for the remainder of the session.

As Trainers and Mummies, we will do our upmost to look after your little ones to make sure that you get the most out of your session. However, your child is your full responsibility throughout the duration of every MummyFIT session.

Any medical conditions present when registering with MummyFIT MUST be disclosed during your pre screening and taster session booking call to ensure your safety throughout your time at MummyFITMummyFIT or any individual contracted to work for MummyFIT will not be liable for any injury or illness caused as a result of incorrect exercise prescription due to an undisclosed medical condition.

Registered Programs/ Pre-paid classes

Health Club based sessions

You have a right to cancel any class/ appointment that you have booked and can do so up to 2 hours before the class/ appointment start time as we understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to attend. We all know that babies can be very unpredictable at times!

However, if you do not cancel, do not make contact with a member of the MummyFIT team prior to the class/ appointment start time to let us know that you are unable to attend and do not show up, you will automatically be charged the nominated amount for the class/ appointment as there are other Mums and Babies who may miss out on a place if the class is showing full.

We would really appreciate it if you could let the MummyFIT team know if you have any problems attending any of our classes/ Appointments prior to the start time.

MummyFIT 'At Home'

We would hate to see you go but you have a right to cancel any MummyFIT 'At Home' subscription within your 10 day free trial period and you will not be charged.  You will need to contact us at MummyFIT to do this by emailing athome@mummyfituk.co.uk allowing 48 hours notice from the time of sending your email to your subscription being cancelled.  Payment of £6.99 will be taken as soon as your 10 day free trial period ends and on the same day each month thereafter unless you contact us to request for your subscription to be cancelled.